Great Teaching Apps Cont’d…


There are so many great teaching apps, apps do however fall into a couple categories; teacher class management, student remedial, student investigative and student production. A great app for students to process curriculum show competency is an app called ToonTastic. It lets students create their own cartoon, they can interpret work through animation and voice overs.




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ITL Meeting

I had a great meeting today with my fellow ITLs at my school district office. We shared a lot of great apps and more to help teachers in the classroom. I will be compiling my notes and posting the apps here shortly. To start with look for Explain Everything for the iPad. Tell me what you think of it and how you are using it in the classroom if you have it.


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iPad 2 VGA Cable

The VGA cable that allows the iPad to be connected to a projector is a must have for any classroom teacher. My favorite uses are showing BrainPop to the students, iMovies students made, and many more. You can pick up a VGA cable for around $30 from Apple or a third party retailer.

Astronomy App

I came across Planets the other day and it is a fun app for amateur astronomers.I can see it as a useful resource in the classroom when discussing the solar system, planets, stars, constellations (mythology), etc. Check out Planets another great free app.

It’s A Cinch!!!!!

Cinch the podcasting App that can help make your life as a teacher stress free. Students can use the Cinch App to record podcasts for study and review. Students can create “radio” newscasts showing understanding of material. Expand the classroom lesson or record your lecture so that students (and parents) can listen to class lessons at home.


No Doubts

The Vimeo App designed for the iPhone works just as great on an iPad and is another in a line must havet Apps for the classroom. Vimeo is a video hosting website and when you add in the App you can upload videos immediately to the site for parents, students and substitute teachers. Explain in your own words assignments so that students and parents understand the written scribble in a student’s agenda. Leave a video message for your substitute to play to the class explaining expectations and your assignments for the day. VIMEO is another of my favorite picks for the classroom teacher.


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Stick Pick

“Mrs. Smith, why are you always picking me to answer your questions?”

Eliminate students feeling like you always pick them, make sure you ask every student a question and take it one step further by collecting data for their responses. The Stick Pick App is another in a great line of  tools for teachers in the classroom.

Apps 4 Daily Use

There are so many great Apps out there from Angry Birds, which keeps my children occupied, to iMovie that allows for the creation of high quality movies to be recorded, edited and published. One of the most useful Apps that I have found is Posterous that links to a blogging style website ( ). The website set up is incredibly easy and user friendly. Once the website page is set up using the App either on the iPad or iPhone brings this to it’s purest use for a classroom teacher. I have the App both on my iPhone and iPad and use it daily as a method to post on the internet my classes’ homework for the day. I use the post feature in the App to take a picture of my homework board and then post it to the posterous website.

This becomes useful for the student who doesn’t write the assignments correctly in their daily agenda, is home sick or a parent who wants to verify what the nightly homework assignment for their child is on any given night. I will also post (pictures)¬†any other pertinent information such as vocabulary lists, board notes that are complex, etc. that will help the student and their parent once they are away from my classroom.

Taking the two to grab the iPhone/iPad 2 open up the App, snap a picture, type the date and click send has made my life as a teacher easier as students and parents have no reason not to know what the nightly assignment is for class.