ITL Meeting

I had a great meeting today with my fellow ITLs at my school district office. We shared a lot of great apps and more to help teachers in the classroom. I will be compiling my notes and posting the apps here shortly. To start with look for Explain Everything for the iPad. Tell me what you think of it and how you are using it in the classroom if you have it.


By Ken Williams Posted in iPad 2

The iPad 3 or New iPad

The iPad 3 is on the way and you can order it today for delivery on the 16th. The prices have dropped for the iPad 2 so now is the time to pick one up for the classroom. Buying the iPad 2 at a cheaper price is worth it to get technology in your classroom. So if you can’t pay the price of the new iPad 3 then go with the iPad 2, it will make a difference in your classroom.

iPad 2 VGA Cable

The VGA cable that allows the iPad to be connected to a projector is a must have for any classroom teacher. My favorite uses are showing BrainPop to the students, iMovies students made, and many more. You can pick up a VGA cable for around $30 from Apple or a third party retailer.

Astronomy App

I came across Planets the other day and it is a fun app for amateur astronomers.I can see it as a useful resource in the classroom when discussing the solar system, planets, stars, constellations (mythology), etc. Check out Planets another great free app.