Apps 4 Daily Use

There are so many great Apps out there from Angry Birds, which keeps my children occupied, to iMovie that allows for the creation of high quality movies to be recorded, edited and published. One of the most useful Apps that I have found is Posterous that links to a blogging style website ( ). The website set up is incredibly easy and user friendly. Once the website page is set up using the App either on the iPad or iPhone brings this to it’s purest use for a classroom teacher. I have the App both on my iPhone and iPad and use it daily as a method to post on the internet my classes’ homework for the day. I use the post feature in the App to take a picture of my homework board and then post it to the posterous website.

This becomes useful for the student who doesn’t write the assignments correctly in their daily agenda, is home sick or a parent who wants to verify what the nightly homework assignment for their child is on any given night. I will also post (pictures) any other pertinent information such as vocabulary lists, board notes that are complex, etc. that will help the student and their parent once they are away from my classroom.

Taking the two to grab the iPhone/iPad 2 open up the App, snap a picture, type the date and click send has made my life as a teacher easier as students and parents have no reason not to know what the nightly assignment is for class.


One comment on “Apps 4 Daily Use

  1. Wow! I just randomly came across your blog, and boy am I happy to find it! I just got an Ipad for Christmas, and it literally is THE BEST THING EVER. I wish all school districts could get one for their classroom, I have used it almost every single day by projecting it on the whiteboard.

    Thanks for sharing these apps with us 🙂

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